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The different ways that Plastic Revolutions can advertise and promote their recycle plastic is by direct mail, social media, banner advertising and Billboards. First, direct mail letter can be used for companies that are current and potential customer of PRI. However, while doing this type of advertising it’s important to ensure that the mailing list is up to date. An advantage of using this promotion is that is not too expensive. However, there’s no guaranteed that the companies will read the direct mail letter. In the other hand, the most important information to include in these letters is what makes PRI different from competitors, and the experience or reputation for providing great service. Also, in the direct mails, discounts can be included since it 's part of the pricing strategy. This letter will be sent every month or two. An example, of one of this letter could state the following: Plastic Revolutions Inc. sells many types of recycled plastic including drum grade pellets and dunnage grade pellets. Additionally, Plastic…show more content…
In order to use this type of advertising method Plastic Revolutions must pay a company that is specialized in this type of promotion. The most suitable company is Lamar Advertising. The company has Billboards all over Richmond, the Capital of Virginia. Richmond has a high population and many tourists in the area due to their interesting sites, for example “Virginia Wine Expo, Strawberry Hill Races, NASCAR, Virginia State Fair and the Richmond Rose Society.” (Lamar Advertising website, 2016) There are two types of Billboards that Lamar Advertising offers bulletin and poster. However, permanent bulletin Billboard is the most suitable for PRI because is the largest billboard that is exposed to highways, primary arteries and vehicular traffic. The bulletin Billboard is around “14 feet high and 48 feet wide, provides 672 square feet of space” to advertise. (Lamar Advertising website,

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