Analysis Of Pinterest Social Media

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Pinterest Social Media Advertising

Pinterest is a social networking tool that people use to gather ideas for their projects and self-interests. People create and share Pins which they use it to plan for their tasks and their objectives. Founded by Ben Silberman, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp , it allows users to save their favourite images and categorize them according to their interest on boards. The users can also follow fellow users if they share common taste. A Pinterest user can manage images, save them and upload them which are known as pins through pinboards. The individual pins can be saved by the Pin It button which is present in every user’s page.
Opening an account in Pinterest can be done by requesting an invitation from Pinterest website or getting an invite from a friend who is a registered user. A Pin Board is the place where user’s pins can be found. Once a user is registered they can browse through other pins and can repin them to their own page if they found it to be interesting or something which they had been looking for. Nowadays social media has become a very powerful marketing tool that if rightly used can reach out to masses and convey the message the campaign wants. It is proving to be successful in marketing many brands and making huge profits for the company.
The Campaign-Honda’s Pintermission
The main objective of this Pintermission campaign was to make the Honda’s new CR-V model in a way that would promote the vehicles “get out and live personality” . The marketing objective was to target the younger generation who had goals they dreamt and shared in social networking sites. So Pinterest was considered as a good choice because of its visual networking apps and Pinbo...

... middle of paper ... than 16 million media were found by this campaign.
The fame didn’t stop with Pinterest but continued to other social media networks like twitter and Facebook. Honda’s innovative idea to use Pinterest came handy for promoting the new CR-V. Honda made this campaign an exciting one by connecting with people’s lives and their interest to make their campaign successful. It’s good to see the Multinational companies use social media as an effective communication tool for maintaining their brand loyalty among customers. It also gathered very good media attention because of the innovative idea they put together to market their brand.

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