Analysis Of Assimilation, American Style By Peter Salins

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1046 words

In the article, it illustrates about Peter Salins who had two types of purposes for writing the “Assimilation, American Style.” One out of its two purposes was to reveal how immigrants were a big part or played a huge contribution to mainstream America. In addition to immigrants playing a big role, they wanted the immigrants to make a change to American without them losing their identity or self-image. The reason behind that is because the immigrants wanted to stay true to themselves, without society changing them severely. The second reason that Salins wrote this article was to argue with both the political left and the nativist right for the attack on their assimilation, and as well having the immigrants follow up on a policy that had 700,000 …show more content…

He adds that there are different types of ethnic backgrounds and religious attributes to America; then goes off leading into detail about it. In addition, he clearly states how assimilation does not abandon the immigrants’ behavior of cultural and conformity, but puts a point onto the rich who have transcended American society with cultural contribution from where the immigrants are from. America is filled with different cultural tastes, which is why America is one the top countries to have the most people immigrating from different countries. In the article, he then talks about national unity. Is America really unified? Based off what Salins wrote, he points and gives credit to America for achieving a sense of unity with the law, policies, and public contributions. America has grown from back then to now. America is a country that allows immigrants to become a citizen after living in the United States for about five years. Then, they can vote and run for public office. America is the land of opportunity which inspires many immigrants to come to America and also have a chance in greater …show more content…

The down fall of being an immigrant is when it comes to going to school, especially in a public school. Salina talks about multiculturalism and how it is a anti-assimilation. Upon multiculturalism in schools, likewise a public school, Salins argues that multiculturalism promotes ethnic grievance, meaning that it removes the focus of what America is about and the contribution that were establish. Salins’ concerns about public school are that he feels as if humans are going and becoming detached from what they should learn about America, instead of learning things about the history and growth of how America became to be. By this, Salins is at struggle to understand why school is promoting to teach multiculturalism in public school or any schools that is teaching beyond American ground work of history. He, in addition feels as if bilingualism in teaching immigrants is an anti-assimilation ideology, because the bilingual studies program tend to plummet and fall behind, rather than someone who is taught in multiple subjects than just English on its own. In the article, he states “Multiculturalism is explicitly and self-consciously directed towards nurturing an acute sense of ethnic grievance and victimization among the children of ethnic minorities, with ethnic minorities narrowly defined as encompassing black, Latinos, and American Indians.” He feels that the

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how peter salins wrote the "assimilation, american style" to reveal how immigrants played a big role in mainstream america.
  • Analyzes how illustrates that america has the most diverse group of individuals. assimilation does not abandon the immigrants’ behavior of cultural and conformity, but puts a point on the rich who have transcended american society.
  • Analyzes how salins points and gives credit to america for achieving a sense of unity with the law, policies, and public contributions.
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