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The following book of Peter Kreeft’s work, The Journey, will include a summary along with mine and the authors’ critique. As you read the book it is a very pleasant, symbolic story of always-existing wisdom as you go along the pathway of what knowledge really is. It talks about Socrates, someone who thinks a lot about how people think, from Athens, is a huge part in this book. This book is like a roadmap for modern travelers walking the very old pathway in search of reality. It will not only show us the pathway they took, but the pathway that we should take as well. Peter states, “the laws of logic have not been suspended, you can be sure of this, at least: that I am I and you are you.” He is saying here that everything is itself and you…show more content…
“The wisdom of un-wisdom.”, “the meaning of unmeaning. The true meaning of life. It is that life is meaningless.” You cannot have and unmeaning without a meaning, you have to have a meaning to something for there to be an unmeaning. To me it contradicts itself. Just like meaning, you can’t have un-wisdom without some kind of wisdom to understand the un-wisdom. In the book the author says that, “deep down everything is shallow- empty, like an inflated balloon, once you get beneath the surface scrim.” In the story he points to a whole in the ceiling and points to it and says that that the world and it is fake. That made me really question our world today. I have noticed that we have a lot of fake people now a days. No one is who they want to be they are either trying to be like someone else or someone else has made them into someone they aren’t. Now a days it’s so hard to find someone that’s real, that’s knows what they want with life, who they are, and where they want to be. People now a days don’t fight for who they are. They just ignore it move on and do what that person told them the “right” thing…show more content…
Everything you see is and takes up matter. Rather it’s in your head, in person, in thought, in imagination, its all matter. And it matters. Without a god in someone’s life, people feel that they do not have to feel guilty. People feel guilty when they have a god because they have rules to go by and when they break them they feel bad, or guilty. In the book the author quotes, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but loose his own soul?” “Is it really wrong to think there’s a real right and wrong?” In this chapter of the book they start talking about abortion and what the society things about it. Stated in the book 70 to 80 percent think it is wrong to have an abortion in our society. In a mass media only three percent think it’s wrong. The fear of evil is not the road of truth. As Peter followed Socrates, Peter always took the right road. Peter latter questioned why Socrates was still with him. Socrates basically told him because he keeps taking the right road. On each road they took it got harder and harder. Peter would be face with things he never thought he would be faced with. Every time he was faced with a bad choice Peter always had a gut feeling on what he should do and he always did the right

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