Analysis Of Paranormal Activity And A Haunted House

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The Analysis of Paranormal Activity And A Haunted House Every movie has its own uniqueness. A movie can be misinterpreted if the viewer doesn’t take the time analyze it and its intentions. Both of the movies A Haunted House and Paranormal Activity are examples of this. While both of the movies could be misinterpreted, both of the movies did a good job with portraying different rhetorical situations that stood them apart from other films within their genres. A Haunted House engaged its viewers by using comedy and mocking various horror films. A Haunted House used the idea of a “found footage” film which is commonly used by various popular horror films. Some of the horror films that demonstrate the use of “found footage” films are Paranormal Activity, Blair, The Den, The Last Exorcism, and various others. A Haunted House is about a man named Malcolm, who began to experience paranormal events after his girlfriend, Kisha, moved in with him. Malcolm documented everything with his video camera and a set-up of security cameras inside of his home. Kisha ended up getting possessed, so Malcolm enlisted in the help of a priest who just got out of jail, two guys from a haunted tv show, and a paranormal psychic. Comedy and mockery are used throughout the film to make it a comedy. A Haunted House is for 18 and older viewers who enjoy parody films and ideally have seen the films that it mocks. The creator of the film, Marlon Wayans, joined the director, Michael Tiddes, to produce an illusion of comedic horror. The director wanted the audience to make the connection between specific scenes and the specific horror films that the scenes were mocking in order to understand the context of the jokes and compare the funny scenes to the horror sce... ... middle of paper ... ...even though it evokes fear. Paranormal Activity did well with separating itself from other horror films and performing well. Paranormal Activity and A Haunted House succeeded in their genres and ended with great films. Both of these films were able to perform well enough to have sequels. The idea of “found footage” film was used in both of these good performing films. The tones within these films worked well with the genres. Their targeted audiences were reached. Both of these films were successful. It is easy to misunderstand a film if the audience doesn’t understand the points behind it. Every movie has to be appealing to its targeted audience throughout the entire movie. Different rhetorical situations can either make or break this. Paranormal Activity and A Haunted House understood their specific rhetorical situations and created well-performing movies.

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