Analysis Of Painting: Marmalade Sky

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Painting: Marmalade Sky The painting I observed was created by an artist named Elizabeth LaPenna. She named this abstract work of art Marmalade Sky. The medium of this artwork is acrylic on canvas of 48"x48"x1.5”. I observed this painting in Clarksville, Tennessee as well at the city’s museum. The artist used different colors of pastel creating an abstract work of art. The colors used were pink, yellow, white, blue, and a few other colors. I was pleased to look at this painting because it was bright and beautiful. The design elements of the painting are different compared to most paintings because it is an abstract expressionism. Since there is not distinct lines in the painting, I believe this painting can be described as having chaotic…show more content…
As I observed the painting, parts of the painting looked more rough and thick from the acrylics compared to other parts of the painting. However, I can see where somebody else could describe the painting as being smooth because of the white acrylic the artist used throughout the painting. Even though the colors used were bright, it still left more of a rough texture. However, the light provided the colors to be brighter and show more of a smooth texture. In this work of art, there was no positive or negative space. There was no specific shapes that stood out, it was just abstract. This painting was completely flat or two-dimensional. It showed no vanishing points because there was not a specific picture of an object. I realized there was not a pattern as well. However, there was many ovals or circle-like brush strokes in the painting, but nothing was painted in…show more content…
Pink, red, yellow, blue, and white and a few black brush strokes were used. I enjoy looking at pastel colors because the different hues of the lighter colors I believe are pretty. The rare brush strokes of white and black gave variety to the painting. The color black especially, because majority of the painting was used in pastel acrylics. All of these colors combined can be called analogous because they are all on the color wheel. The colors bleed into one another or into the background creating rich pastel colors. The edges of the different colors dissolved. The lightening of the painting’s colors truly showed its value. The different hues of color the artist used to show pastel made the painting’s value “light.” This is all the design elements that the artist used to create this painting. This painting was created differently than most paintings that we see, but it is
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