Analysis Of Opera Scenes

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The arts and ideas event that was the most influential to me was Opera Scenes presented by the Joliet West musical department. The cast consisted of Joliet West students and featured the remastering of some great plays in history including: Romeo and Juliet, the Fairy Queen, Don Giovanni, and Hansel and Gretel. Opera scenes was a performance that captivated the audience with beautiful redemptions from well-known plays throughout history that gave the audience greater context to the play, while also adding an entertaining and humorous effect on the piece.
Throughout opera scenes the cast acted out the scenes of plays while also singing in an opera- esque style. The theme of crime and punishment consisted in all of the scenes. For example one of the scenes that was recreated was the scene where Romeo was banished from the city in Romeo and Juliet. This scene was a turning point in the play of Romeo and Juliet and having this play depicted in Opera scenes gave the audience more insight to the emotions and the tensions that was built up between the Capulets and the Montagues that led to Romeo’s
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I am pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the piece because it did not only provided a source of entertainment for me, but also the visual performance gave me greater context to what the scene is trying to depict and how it relates to main idea of the play. One source of humor that was incorporated in the play was at the beginning of the scene to the Fairy Queen when the actor was playing a drunk man and was stumbling around while also trying to sing in an opera-esque style surrounded by singing fairies. This scene gave a great amount of contrast to the previous scene that consisted of an argument between the two main characters of the Fairy Queen, Oberon and Titania over a boy Titania adopted. This shows the diversity of the actors to be able to shift from a light to a serious scene in matter of
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