Analysis Of Oedipus Rex As A Great Greek Tragedy

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Greek theater is known for its tragedies, to the point that there is a formula for how to produce them. Catharsis is the end result of an ideal tragedy, and is a primary reason for why Aristotle views Oedipus Rex as the best Greek tragedy; even viewers today can feel catharsis from the play. Catharsis is a metaphor for emotional cleansing during a tragedy. Along with catharsis, Aristotle believes Oedipus Rex is a leading example of tragedy because of its simple plot, rational storyline and use of tragic essentials. Oedipus Rex is indeed a great Greek tragedy, allowing even modern viewers a chance to feel catharsis.
Catharsis, in Greek theater, is a specific feeling aroused by tragedies, and a staple in the genre. Catharsis literally means “cleansing,” but in a tragedy “is a psychological healing, a sense of we will test to the boundaries, but you do not have to do it” ( Films Media Group, Greek Drama: From…). Catharsis is the second hand experience of the events in a play that allow the viewer to feel what it would be like in a given situation. The audience can feel the emotions as they would have in the heat of things... but without the external turmoil of it actually occurring. Once the play is over and the mood has left, a
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While it is more difficult to do so now, the play transcends its time with its human truths and allows catharsis to still happen. While the setting – both time and spatial aspects – and the dialect of Oedipus Rex make the play difficult to understand and connect to, the ideas are still commonplace. Plagues, murder, prophecies, and incest are all ideas that have been in literature for ages, which provides common ground for the audience to hold onto. Terror and pity over the ideas portrayed are still able to reach the viewers. Oedipus Rex is just as capable of causing catharsis now as in Aristotle’s
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