Analysis Of Odysseus The Great Hero

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Odysseus the Great Hero
Most people believe that Odysseus is a hero in the Iliad due to his victories against the Trojans and for taking over the city of Troy. Through the teachings it is portrayed that way, but he is shown as a hero through other events in the book. Odysseus is not the only hero shown in this epic. Achilles is another main character that shows heroic actions as well. The difference between the two is that Odysseus uses his genius mind and unique thoughts to win battles and get out of traitorous situations, while Achilles uses strength and power. Although Achilles displays great acts of heroism, Odysseus reveals more heroism in the way he handles situations, his selflessness, and his ability to overcome all problematic obstacles
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After the death of Patroclus, Achilles tries to rush straight into war, but Odysseus convinces him to get revenge through strategy. Odysseus says, “Any army must fight on a full stomach” (Coleman-Norton, pg. 75). By reminding Achilles that the army must eat before fighting, Odysseus shows he thinks ahead before entering the war. During another event, Odysseus devised the idea of making a giant wooden horse and hiding his men inside to give as a gift of surrender to the Trojans. In fact, he came up with the plan to have one of their own men state they must take it or the gods would be angry with them. Being a military hero, Odysseus ranks below Achilles, but he is a much greater figure that who can keep going and win without despair, even with the disfavor of the gods (The English Journal, pg.115).
After the Trojans brought the horse in, the men destroyed the city that night. The great Odysseus of enduring heart defeated the Trojans (Sheppard, pg 42). If not for Odysseus’s clever thinking, they may not have won the war against the Trojans and captured the city of
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They also allow him to save Helen who was stolen from the Greeks by the Trojans. Achilles, at one point, refuses to fight in the war with the Greeks when he has his prize taken away from him. He allows his decisions to be dictated by pride. Odysseus never lets his pride get in the way of helping the Greeks or keeping himself alive.
Not only is Odysseus a hero for helping the Greeks fight the Trojans, but because he is a good husband and father. He has a wife and son back home that he does not want to leave behind, but he knows he has many obligations to keep his family and kingdom safe. He could have refused to fight with the Greeks, but may have had his land taken if they lost the war. He knew of the possible consequences if he did not help out Agamemnon, therefore he made the smart decision to help win the

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