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On March 18, 2008, in the midst of the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination, Barack Obama manage to give one of the most persuasive and significant speeches that has gone down in American history. Obama developed a strikingly effective speech that trails his audience into a controversial issue and encourages them to join his attempt to abolish inequality. Obama’s speech is powerful because although the public is mindful of the discrepancy between races, it draws attention due to Obama publicly speaking on topics that often go unspoken of. “A more perfect Union” was made to address Reverend Jeremiah Wright and also address global issues concerning the Americans people. Obama’s former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright openly made some controversial statements that caused uneasiness with Senator Obama. Obama explains how Reverend Jeremiah Wright lived during a time period where racism and segregation was allowed and goes to explain how many Americans including Reverend Wright still has animosity and fury built based on the past. Obama feels that anger that Americans have built up over the years is what is preventing our country from prevailing into a better nation and moving forward. Barack Obama’s main objective for this speech is to exchange his views on the controversial topic of race and inequality in American in his effort to creating a more perfect union. Obama successfully persuaded the audience in a credible, emotional yet logical way. Obama’s speech was brilliantly put together to appeal to the audience in every way possible and to get his message across.
Barack Obama crafted his speech to begin with an ethical appeal, which became the most effective appeal in order to establish character. Beginning with “We the peo...

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...eal issues that America is faced with. Obama successfully chose such a controversial topic like racism and supposed it with logical solutions.
Obama successfully used ethos, logos and pathos to appeal to the audience. With the use of rhetorical strategies the audience was left filling closer to the speaker and gained a connection. With Obama’s tone being determined yet patriotic this speech became more persuasive and appealing to the American audience. “A more perfect Union” was crafted to unite Americans and persuade them to act now and fix the real problems in America. Using rhetorical strategies, it allowed Obama to open up a door on such a sensitive topic like the existence of racism and allowed him to transform it into a subject that become empowering and had the purpose to create unity and bring everyone together not as different races but as one country.

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