Analysis Of No Time For Second Coming

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Title: No time for second Coming: A Brief Study of W. H Davies’ Leisure and W. B Yeats’ Second Coming.

Introduction W. H Davies is a Welsh poet; spend most of his life in the observation of nature. He thinks that life is nothing if we have no time to enjoy it. He feels much grieves by seeing that people are running towards materialistic life and have no time to enjoy the nature and its substances. He tries to divert the attention of people towards nature. He says animals are much better than humankind that they have time to stay and enjoy the nature. While Yeats observes the destruction of world in the World War I and depicts that Europe has no longer control over its realm. When he sees the destruction of world and bloodshed of sinless …show more content…

They have no time to stay and observe the nature that exists around them. He feels sorrow in his expressions; people are running behind the worldly affairs and materialistic things. In this couplet, he represents the life of twentieth century people. In the beginning of twentieth century, people were getting jobs and unemployment rate was very low people were busy in designing their life more and more luxurious. However, they had forgotten to enjoy nature. He narrates that people have no time to praise nature and its objects. How beautifully he compares animals like sheep and goats with human life, he says sheep and goats have much time to enjoy nature but man is living a life that is much worse than they are because he has no time to stand beneath the green and beautiful trees and take rest. Poet tries to divert the intention of people who are living a life of cares, he suggest them come and see that how much bored life you people are living. He protests for such cared life and invites people to enjoy nature and come out of busy …show more content…

We are able now to understand the life of people that passed by them. How beautifully Davies describes mechanised and busy life of 20th century people that they have no time to sit and observe the object of nature. Similarly, Yeats creates an image of destruction that happened in world war I. In addition, hopes now, according to the prediction of bible that a new world will come into being. In the light of this work, how these both describe the image of life and society we can say that literature is the representation of life. Life provides raw material and writers draw an image. There will no ridiculous saying that literature represents

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