Analysis Of No Saco Nada De La Escuela

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A student should never be denied the right to learn and become successful because of a different skin color, or because they speak a different language. “No saco nada de la escuela” by Luis Valdez is a play that discusses the racism in schools. The play starts with students going to elementary school and then ascending to middle school and college. At the beginning the students were not aware of what racism really was because of their innocence. However, the teacher that they had was very racist and bullied the students of color. That experience made the other kids realize that not everyone was the same and because of color or language they should be treated differently. There are five different students who take part of this play, two of those students were white, and there were two Chicanos and one black. That is great diversity of cultures. The teacher that the students have in elementary school was an example of the other professors they were going to have throughout their school years. Very arrogant and not understanding of the minority students. Their teachers were not really interested in teaching the minorities and always showed her discontent of having students of color. Their teachers didn’t believe that students who were part of a minority should be placed in the same classroom as the white students. Maybe that was because they didn’t know the potential a minority student could have. One Chicano student named Francisco never denied his roots and became very successful. He had many obstacles in his learning environment, but at the end he becomes a great example of perseverance. Francisco is the student who I think showed the greatest development in the play. He had to deal with racism all the time, but that didn't stop ... ... middle of paper ... kids to me? You can’t communicate with them. Is there anybody here that can speak Spanish?” (Pg. 71) After seeing all that, all throughout his school years Francisco decides to drop out of high school because he felt that school was not worth it. Just like the title says I get nothing out of school. He leaves, but first he tells his teacher “Big deal! You call yourself a teacher! I can communicate in two languages. You can only communicate in one, who’s the teacher, teach? (Pg. 78) Francisco tells the teacher exactly how he feels toward teachers. There were teachers who judged him and ignored him, teachers who only used him, but never really cared about him. He at the end knew he had the power to help others and also had the resources. As Francisco continues his path, he finds out that the only way to become someone, and help his people is through good education.

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