Analysis Of No Longer At Ease By Chinua Achebe

The novel, No Longer at Ease, by Chinua Achebe is a story that seems like it will end with a happy ending, but makes a left turn to on coming traffic. The novel describes Obi Okonkwo’s life and the struggles he faces after coming back from studying abroad in England. The book begins with Obi on trial and it is as if the author already had Obi failing from the start. Since the moment Obi arrives to back to Nigeria, he is confronted with bribes by uneducated Nigerians so they could obtain a job. The novel takes place during the corruption of Nigeria when the Europeans being to decolonize and leave the colonies to the black African Americans and leave them to live their own lives. Obi Okonkwo is given the opportunity by the Umuofian Progressive Union to study law in England on a scholarship, which he has to pay back, and hope that he will soon become in use to them. Obi Okonkwo tries to find satisfaction through different encounters that involve his finances, friends relationships, coworkers and his family.
When Obi came back to to Nigeria he was looked at if
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To begin, Obi’s mother is very ill and their family is not able to live without his support. His family also does not approve of the engagement and wishes to for him to end it with Clara. His mother begs for Obi to call of the engagement until she passes away and if he does not, then she will take her own life. Obi and his mother have a very special bond together and he would never want to hurt his family after he unconditionally hurts her with a razor that was in his pocket. From there on he promised to never hurt her again. Obi’s father also believes that marrying Clara is not a good idea because he believes that it will bring curse upon his family and upon his children. Obi’s mother soon passes away from her disease and he refuses to go to the funeral. Obi sinks into a deep depression and later on he begins to take
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