Analysis Of No Country For Old Men

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No Country For old Men This film would best be described as an edge of your seat suspense, yet includes moments of dry, yet twisted humor. This movie makes you wonder what’s going to happen next and does not fully give away the plot until later in the movie, unlike most do. No Country for Old Men is a 2007 American Western thriller directed, written, and edited by Joel and Ethan Coen that takes place in 1980 in West Texas. After running across a case of two million dollars among dead bodies in the desert where a drug deal has apparently gone wrong, Moss decides to simply take the money for himself rather than report it to the police. Llewelyn Moss thinks he can keep it quiet, but when the silent killer, Anton Chigurh, locates Moss and his money, Moss makes a run for it. This puts the killer on his trail as he murders nearly everyone in his way. As Moss attempts to keep one step ahead, Anton is catching up to him fast. Meanwhile, the Sheriff Ed Tom Bell is overseeing the investigation. As he attempts to convince Moss, mostly through his wife Carla Jean, that he should turn in the mo...
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