Analysis Of Nike

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Segmentation & Targeting
Nike is special and one of a kind because of the fact that they have an extremely targeted demographic. Nike’s mission statement is as follows “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.” (Nike) Their target market is to all athletes, but they also use market segmentation to help specify certain parts of the market. Nike’s primary target audience is between the ages of 15-40. Both men and women are accommodated equally. Nike is beginning to place an increased focus on tweens and teens. This is in hope of building long-term brand loyalty. Nike places a lot of importance behind marketing campaigns about people living up to and striving to be their athlete idols. Nike doesn’t market or target based
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Obviously, Nike targets people who enjoy to be active, people who enjoy sports and all of the above. One of Nike’s goals, is to create that “feeling” that transcends the product. Events such as We Run Dubai 10K, athletic and non-athletic endorsements like LeBron James and Spike Lee and social media contests to win Nike products, are just a few of the ways Nike tries to create the sense/feeling of belonging to the Nike Family and community. When a company like Nike builds customer loyalty, Nike increases its market share and accumulates increased sales. Being in the extremely competitive market Nike is in, customer loyalty is highly sought after. Nike gives a wide range of choices, high quality items and always provides new innovations. This is one of many reasons why Nike exceeds in their…show more content…
Nike wants to deliver a message as well as reach out to people of all kinds and not just people who are heavily sports related, even though that is their main focus. They want their target audience to be diversified beyond athletes that play sports and that is why they deliver this message. To show an example of this idea of diversification between people, Nike’s co-founder, Bill Bowerman, once said “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” Every person obviously has a body and this shows how Nike communicates to reach out to mostly all consumers, especially people from fifteen to forty years of
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