Analysis Of Nietzche's Will To Power

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According to Nietzche 's will to power refers, “the doctrine asserts that all humans strive to forcibly impose their will upon others as a primal drive in their nature compels them to do so. Man will relentlessly exercise his will over others as an example of his determination, spirit, and strength of character. To demonstrate and acquire his power and influence is his inherent motivation to act, even if his actions essentially seem unselfishly provoked. Nietzsche alleges that no true altruistic deeds exist because humans are wholly egocentric and self-seeking by nature. We may give the impression that we are considerate, caring, and selfless as we may perform kind deeds for others that regard us as humane, but our innate intensions are truly…show more content…
G. Jung, “where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking”; takes a look at the effect that irrational emotional and feelings have on the human body. Love is emotional that we have come to understand as being an irrational behavior because we can not truly define what is and what causes people to love. Yes, there is a general idea of what love is and the chemical effect is has on the human body but what defines love to another is only the same to the person they are in love with. Jung statement heavily disproves Nietzche idea of will to power because in order for people to be equally in love with one another there has to be equal respect, trust, commitment, and honestly with each other. Nietzche idea of these such “love” makes sense from his perspective of slaves and slave masters. A slave may make reference to having “love” for their slave master but in the sense that they slave master in control of the very essence of their life. If a slave master does not feel he has a loyal and obedient slave then it makes for harsher treatment towards…show more content…
Analogously, the Darwinist theory of evolution verifies such a claim as it is the survival of the fittest that determines what species endures and what species ceases to exist. The fittest in accordance to Nietzsche’s ethical principles are the good and those who strive to dominate over inferior beings (O ' Sullivan & Pecorino, 2002). This explains the idea his uses with slave and slave master, that the slave master is using their will to power to dominate (enslave) the inferior person. But this does not have the same meaning as Jung, as a slave master may love their slaves and a slave may love their slave master but there are roles of a superior and inferior persons. A person may be in love with the idea of power while at the same time love someone. To maybe a tasteless example but even Adolf Hitler had a girlfriend but at the same time was enslaving, opposing, and murdering innocent Jewish people. Right here one can see both Jung idea and Nietzche idea but the two are exact opposite of each other. Hilter loved Germany so much that he was willing to do anything it keep it “pure” while at the same time loved his girlfriend so much he wanted her to commit suicide with
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