Analysis Of Never Marry A Mexican And Only Daughter By Sandra Cisneros

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Suppose your mother has hammered into your head over years to marry a man unlike your father. You may not ever marry, you may even become a harlot. Now, suppose have six siblings and you are the only daughter. Your Mexican fathers’ only expectation is for you to marry. You end up not marrying, but always seeking your father’s approval. These are the fascinating cultural enriched protagonists in “Never Marry a Mexican” and “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros. The cultural expectations of these women and the roles they decided to take went against what older generations had demanded or saw fit. These protagonists challenged these expectations with the roles they chose and I instantly became a fan. Sandra Cisneros is a Latina American…show more content…
"Never Marry a Mexican" reveals the cultural demand placed by Clemencia’s mother when she tells her daughter to “never marry a Mexican” (Cisneros, 1991). Clemencia ends up being lonely and promiscuous. She ends up having many affairs with married men who are not Mexican, and takes much pleasure secretly sleeping with women’s husbands. She has a long affair with Drew, a professor of hers who is married. She tries to maintain that she holds the power in a powerless situation, but she has fallen for Drew. Clemencia ends up bitter when they decide to end the affair and vindictively leaves gummy bears for Drew’s wife to find. Sandra demonstrates some odd cultural boundaries when Clemencias own mother who married a Mexican warns her to never do as she had done. Only to fall for someone who cannot marry a Mexican, such is she, because he is married. Clemencias mother wanted better for her daughter, to not be thought of as marrying down. This resulted in Celmencia becoming promiscuous and never marrying at all. Sandra uses a strong cultural male accepted role of being promiscuous in Clemencias female character. She flipped the roles to enhance Clemencias power but showed the result as being powerless and bitter. Clemencias climax of power proved to be as she lay with her lover as his wife give birth to his son. She has used her feminine role to entice Drew with sex and lure him his wife who holds the strong feminine role of giving birth. Sandra turns Clemencias Mexican and American cultures against herself as she struggles between the
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