Analysis Of Najwa's Journey To Salvation

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Najwa’s Journey to Salvation Minaret is a beautiful story that tells the tale of an affluent child of a Sudanese politician in Khartoum and her transformation to a lowly servant in England’s busiest city, London. Najwa is introduced to us as a carefree soul growing up in the heart of Sudan. Sheltered from the hardships of life due to socioeconomic status, she passes through the first quarter of her life with relative easy, with aristocratic luxuries such as vacations to London, and servants tending to her every need. Suddenly, an unexpected coup takes over the government and arrests Najwa’s father for corruption. Heartbroken, the family flees to London while the father is facing capital punishment. With most assets frozen by the Sudanese…show more content…
Due to frozen funds, she was unable to finish her degree at university, and this has made getting a job difficult and frustrating for one used to a lavish lifestyle bordering on royalty. Najwa soon swallows her pride, and begins working for Lamya, an affluent Egyptian who mildly resembles the Najwa of prosperity. Having been surrounded by servants growing up, Najwa thrives in this position, and is able to move in the shadows, unnoticed and with low interference with her employers. As talented as she is as a servant, she is aware this is a position she would not have been proud to take in the past. She details how she “knows them intimate ways while they hardly no me,” proving how easily replaced and forgotten she is in this job (83). Lacking fulfillment, Najwa remembers the Muslims reciting their daily prayers, and the fulfillment they pulled from worshipping Allah. This sense of belonging and importance defiantly beckons for Najwa, who graciously answers the call. Najwa tightens up in her faith, and begins to admire the devoted Muslim, Tamer, that is the brother of her employer. It’s a stark contrast to the Najwa before the coup ever occurred. Najwa then very much cared about her image, and chased fulfillment in school and social circles. Now more mature, Najwa’s focus has completely shifted due the hardship and circumstances brought upon…show more content…
Tamer and Najwa both respect one another and bond over their common faith, but realize their love is prohibited due to the working nature of their relationship. Despite this pressure, they pursue it anyways until Dr. Zeinab, Tamer’s mother, intervenes. Tamer is heartbroken, and Najwa is also quite upset. After two relationships, both unhealthy in different ways, she begins to think she’ll be alone forever. Najwa’s new identity as a Muslim is a catalyst in both of these relationships in opposite ways, but at the conclusion of each relationship her strength as a Muslim grows similarly. With Anwar, she realizes she needs a religious husband who supports her desires, and with Tamer she realizes that it is destructive to their individual religious journeys to be together. These realizations help build this new identity further for Najwa, pushing her to new heights in her relationship with Allah as well as building up her character and

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