Analysis Of My Own World In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Pasang Sherpa Professor Tronrud English 130 Oct 19, 2015 “My own world” in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper I think that woman gets out in the daytime!And I 'll tell you why - privately ­I 've seen her! I can see her out of everyone of my windows! It is the same woman, I know, for she is always creeping, and most women do not creep by daylight. In Freud 's understanding the concept of the ‘double’ is that the self becomes confounded, or the foreign self is substituted for his own in other words, by doubling, dividing and interchanging the self (Freud 9). In Charlotte Perkins Stetson, “The Yellow Wallpaper” the protagonist struggles the realization that the perplexity of woman in the wallpaper is a symbolic version of herself.…show more content…
As part of a "rest cure," her husband forbids her from exercising her imagination in any kind of way. Then we begin to see both her reason and her emotions rebel at the treatment as she turns her imagination onto seemingly neutral objects (the house and the wallpaper) in an attempt to ignore her frustration. The negativity she feels influences the descriptions of her surroundings, making them appear uncanny and menacing. Isolation from the excitations of the external world actually make one suffer more. Therefore, there is no doubt that she would definitely direct her attention towards the weird apparition in the wallpaper, which is actually the projection of
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