Analysis Of My Capitan By Walt Whitman

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Poet of the People for the People Walt Whitman was a famous poet that is still known today for his works for how well his poems connected with people. Whitman was a well renowned poet that lived from 1819 to 1892, and during his lifetime he wrote many poems that are known for their unique style. Whitman is described as, “Walt Whitman (1819-1892) is generally considered to be the most important American poet of the 19th century. He wrote in free verse, relying heavily on the rhythms of native American speech. In all, over a 37-year period, Walt Whitman published nine separate editions of his masterpiece, Leaves of Grass. The final, 1892 edition, is the one familiar to readers today. He has strongly influenced the direction of 20th-century American…show more content…
My Capitan!” and “Song of Myself” portray the overall meaning of the poems. The themes in “O Capitan! My Capitan!” are patriotism, mourning, and admiration. In many of Whitman’s poems and especially in “O Capitan! My Capitan!” is the theme of patriotism. Throughout the poem, Whitman conveys his love for his country and for President Lincoln as he states, “For you they call, the swinging mass, their eager faces turning” (Song of Myself). The people including Whitman look towards their Captain to cheer him on for leading the country through the war, but their Capitan is dead. Another theme throughout the poem is mourning. Whitman wrote the poem as an elegy for President Abraham Lincoln after he was assassinated. He wrote the poem in honor of Lincoln who fought for America to stay united and fought for the abolishment of slavery through the Civil War. Whitman’s admiration for Lincoln shines through the poem as an overall theme. Whitman shows his gratitude and admiration by often referring to Lincoln as “My father” (Song of Myself). The overall themes throughout the poem “O Capitan! My Capitan!” proves how Whitman was the poet of democracy through his patriotic theme. The crowds that Whitman refers to that also cheer for Lincoln make him the poet for the common people. The themes in the poem “Song of Myself” are identity, spirituality, and equality. Whitman describes his search and telling others to find their own identity is described as, “I celebrate myself, and what I assume you shall assume, for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” He teaches that diversity is the most sought after attribute. Walt Whitman discusses the theme of spirituality throughout the poem by discussing his views of the circle of life and how the soul and body are of the same, and that once man dies he is reborn as new. Whitman’s preaching of equality in the poem shows his beliefs that everyone is equal no matter race or gender.
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