Analysis Of Musculoskeletal Devices

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Hospitals are a place that many people go visit to get checked out or get an injury assessed and fixed. One thing that many people fail to realize is the hospital is also the place where many injuries to occur. Many may think these injuries happen to patients who are have complications in there treatments, but that is not the case. These injuries happen to those taking care of the patients, yes, the nurses and doctors and victims of these type of injuries; musculoskeletal injuries. These injuries happen during one of the simplest tasks transporting patients, a technological approach to solving this issue are patient lifting devices. Do health care organizations who utilize patient lifting devices experience lower rates of on the job musculoskeletal injuries than those who use only manual lifting techniques?
Musculoskeletal injuries are common in the health care environment especially for nurses who have to aide and lift patients to transport them to different beds and sometimes different rooms. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a total of 23,390 Nursing assistants from ...

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