Analysis Of Muhammed Ways Of Correcting People's Mistakes

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In his book ' 'The Prophet’s Methods of Correcting People’s Mistakes ' ' Muhammed Al-Munajjid explins for readers the prophet Muhammed ways of correcting people’s mistakes, and he emphasizes the importance of learning about Islam for muslims. Muhammad Almunajjid is a sunni sheikh from Saudi Arabia, he counts on the salfi group sheikhs. Muslims follow their prophet in every thing, and their second source after Quran is sunnah which is the prophet own life- example as Ayoub mentioned. However, the author mentioned some points to be noted when dealing with people, such as confirmed the importance of sincerity towards Allah, and he emphasized on two of the prophet’s method in correcting people’s mistakes which are explaining the ruling (hukm)…show more content…
The second part is about the prophet’s methods in correcting people 's mistakes. The author mentioned thirty eight method, and he explained seven of them deeply which are explaining the ruling, reminding people to fear Allah, correcting misconceptions which are due to something jot being clear in people’s mind, showing one’s anger about a mistake, offering a sound alternative, meeting with who made a mistake to talk it over, and persuading a person that s/he made a mistake. That is what the author mentioned in his book. Sincerity towards Allah is an important point which muslims must be aware of it in correcting mistakes and in any deed for Allah. According to professor Simon Wood, in Islam every thing that a muslim does can count as (husnah) if a muslim did that in the way of worship Allah. In Islam, correcting people’s mistakes is a kind of advice. Islam emphasizes muslims to advise other. As the…show more content…
The prophet used different ways in reminding people to fear of Allah. Sometimes he talked directly to them and reminded them how much they are weak. The prophet reminded people that Allah has power over them more than their power over anything. That makes people afraid of having a mistake which is going to make Allah angry on them. As explained in the class, muslims have to obey Allah in every thing, so they should not make Allah angry by their mistakes. For example, "when the prophet saw Abu Mas’ood al-Budari when he was beating his servant, and the prophet told Abu Mas’ood al-Budari that Allah has power over you more than you have over this servant. After that Abu Mas’ood al-Budari told the prophet he will never hit a slave again" (Al-Munajid,61). Also, the prophet told his companions the punishment which was for some people who made some major mistakes to make his companions and all people afraid of Allah. The Prophet said, "A woman entered the (Hell) Fire because of a cat which she had tied, neither giving it food nor setting it free to eat from the vermin of the earth."(Sound Al-Bukhari- No 3318). That hadith makes people afraid of doing what the women did and makes anyone who does the same thing which the woman did to stop from doing that and to refer to Allah and to ask Allah his mercy. The prophet corrected people’s mistakes by reminding them to fear
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