Analysis Of Movies With A Twist

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Movies with a Twist
Have you ever sat and thought deeper into a Television Show that you watched when you were a child? You probably weren’t able to understand it or see the bigger meaning behind it due to being a child and not having the most developed brain, however, have you ever taken the time out to rewatch those childhood movies or shows to create a new evaluation of it? See companies like Pixar and Disney doesn’t make movies just for comedy or fright. Majority of the stories they tell in their movies give kids a deeper meaning in a child friendly way and that is what makes these companies still grow today.
For example there are movies such as “Snow White” and “The Seven Dwarfs” that have a deeper meaning behind them that we don 't comprehend or notice as children. The Snow White
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Snow White leaves her land to live in the woods with the seven dwarfs and to get away from the evil queen but later in the story she is poisoned by an apple from the queen and only to be saved by her prince’s kiss. The deeper meaning behind all of this is that this movie focuses on vanity and how the Evil Queen leads her to insanity by being so obsessive over Snow White. In society, we are fed these ideas of what the perfect body should look like, who looks the best in the school and even who dresses the best.

Why would we choose to be envious of those that are said to be prettier or slimmer than us? You should be happy with who you but obsessing about someone else will only drive you crazy.
Another text that has a hidden meaning behind it is The Little Mermaid.

I retrieved the same perception as most people when I was a child. The little mermaid sees the prince from his ship, rescues him from drowning and falls in love with him. The sea witch takes her tongue in exchange for her legs due to her having an amazing voice. In the story, the little mermaid can only remain human if she finds true love 's kiss, the prince falls in
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