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Most Popular Female Singers 2014

Music feeds our soul and hence everybody has interest in the vocalists who produce some beautiful music with their voices so here we are to find out Most Popular Female Singers 2014. These beautiful, gorgeous singers have nourished ears for many years some for many decades. The Year 2013 passed and now 2014 come with lot of opportunities for everybody. Some female vocalists retired and some emerging singers appeared during this year.
Every person has their own unique taste and also choice of music. Some people like the POP music whereas others prefer the Jazz or the Rock so it is really hard task to find out Most Popular Female Singers 2014. But we cannot sit so we took challenge to find Most Popular female vocalists of the year 2014 and during this process we have reviewed some 100 plus female singers in the preliminary stage. After considering the last year’s performance number of hits they have recorded in past, fan-followers, influence in industry we have come up with this list of Most Popular Female Singers 2014. Some of these singers have millions of fan followers, some great past records, numerous numbers of hits and some heavy influence in public life.
So let us bite bullet and start countdown of Most Popular Female Singers 2014.
10. Shakira
Shakira is the most popular singer for her Belly dance and her Rock and roll. This 36-year-old beauty has the capabilities of Singing, Dancing and writing. She usually writes own songs. We all remember her performance at the Football world cup closing ceremony. Shakira did not publish album in last 1 year. Her Tenth upcoming studio album named Can’t Remember to Forget You will be released in the January of 2014. Her past performances, her hits and her...

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...rammy awards, the album of the year award and some numerous others.
1. Rihanna
Just her name is enough to describe the Pop Queen Rihanna. This 25-year-old Pop star started her career way back in the year 2005 with launch of album Music of Sun. After the debut she never looked back and also produced hit after hit. Some of hit singles include Pon de Replay, Diamonds; Take a Bow, S&M, Umbrella, Only Girl, We Found Love, Disturbia and many more.
Summary – Most Popular Female Singers 2014
Serial Most Popular Female Singers 2014
1 Rihanna
2 Adele
3 Taylor Swift
4 Lady Gaga
5 Beyoncé
6 Nicki Minaj
7 Katy Perry
8 Jennifer Lopez
9 Cheryl Cole
10 Shakira

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