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“Morey Skaret: On the Road During the Great Depression” In pop culture a hobo is usually portrayed as either a murderous villain on the run from the law or a naive youth running away from home. In “on the Road During the Great Depression” Morey Skaret gives readers an insight on how hobos of the 1930’s survived life on the bum. A hobo is a homeless man who jumps trains from city to city looking for work, unlike tramps who don’t look for work (American Firsthand 186). Skaret and his best friend Charlie Shellfish were hobos and there adventure gives a great account of the dangers hobos faced. After staying in high school for an extra year, Skaret decided that he wasn’t going to college or getting a job so took off and went on the road with…show more content…
Skaret left town after high school and didn’t return till after his 20th birthday. He was born in 1913, so his adventure took place around 1932-1933(American Firsthand 187). Seattle, like the rest of the country was deep into the Great Depression by this time and Skaret family would have most likely been feeling the effects of it like many other Americans, so it wasn’t very uncommon for men to hit the road in search of employment and to decrease the number of mouths their family had to feed (American Firsthand 186-187). Skaret hitting the road after high school isn’t all that unpredictable, like his family leaving Norway to come to America, probably in search of a better life, he leaves Seattle to search for a better life for himself. “On the Road During the Great Depression” takes place during the height of the Great Depression. The depression started on October 28, 1929, today known as Black Tuesday, where $10 Billion vanished from the market in 5 hours (Give me Liberty 799). In 1930, the stocks recovered a little, but then began falling till 1933. The Market would not return to normal till 1954 (lecture 10). The crash left 15 million American out of work, which led to as many as 5 million American to go out on the bum (lecture 10). Traveling city to city just like Skaret

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