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Mocking People is Not Funny Every year during the commercial breaks in the Super Bowl, companies invest millions of dollars to entice people to buy their product. One such company that airs numerous commercials during that night is the popular Frito Lay chip brand, Doritos. Whenever these commercials air, people will find a chance to laugh because it was funny. In the aftermath of these funny commercials, this snack company was able to find different ways to make fun of middle aged people, kids, animals, and elderlies in different points of view. In Ted Cohen’s Taste, Morality, and the Propriety of Joking, he states that, “We should never sneak away in any situation because it is not worth it.” (Cohen: 61). If this snack company finds another…show more content…
From the start of this Dorito’s commercial, Jimmy appeared to be an innocent boy. However, he had one goal in his mind: scamming Mr. Smith’s Doritos. Throughout this thirty second clip, this snack company sent out a clear message to families, saying that children will do whatever it takes to get what they want, even if they have to trick people that are middle aged. This insulted families because it created a stereotype of children behaving poorly. Although this commercial already made fun of gullible people and children being greedy, the next group they made fun of were the…show more content…
When Jimmy shook the time machine around, his dog was munching on some of Jimmy’s Doritos. This scene could have offended adults or families that have animals because if animals do eat products that are salted or only for humans they could get sick. This is really well communicated in Ted Cohen’s Taste, Morality, and Propriety of Joking, “The offended person who takes a situation with a joke can be hurtful by the upset depiction in the laugh and the implied charges of the somber” (Cohen: 77). Although this commercial disregard the health effects on dogs eating human snacks the final group they made fun of were the

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