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Mitt Romney’s campaign ad, “At Stake,” aired during the 2012 presidential election race. This particular presidential election was a highly contested race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Thus, during this election race Mitt Romney and Barack Obama where considered to be the top contestants. The key issues of this election generally where the state of our economy, taxes, our national debt and our national unemployment rate.
Both candidates battled each other throughout the campaign trail and polling data gives us a good idea of how close the race was in this 2012 election. For example, research conducted by Pew Research Center, showed that in September 12-16th, Obama was polling at 51% of likely voters whereas Mitt Romney was polling at 43%. These results switched in the polling that occurred October 4-7th, which had Mitt Romney with 49% of likely voters and Barack Obama with 45%. Shortly thereafter in October 24-28th, polling results had both candidates tied at 47% of likely voters. After that in October 31- November 4 (two days before the voting started), Obama was polled at 48% and Mitt Romney was polled at 45% of likely voters, (Pew Research Center, 2012). All things considered, this was a highly contested race and this poling data provides an example for why Romney’s ad, “At Stake,” adequately fits the context of this highly contested election
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Some sources have liked this ad, whereas other sources have not and feel that this ad may have come a little too late. However, most of the rhetoric I found referred to the point of how this ad used Clint Eastwood, because the PAC that funded the commercial felt that voters still viewed Eastwood as an American icon. Therefore some argue that it was a good move to have included Clint Eastwood’s appearance in the ad, (Jeremy Peters,

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