Analysis Of Millennials

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When the word millennial is mentioned, it consistently has a negative connotation paired along with it. Articles are published seemingly daily about the mishaps and faults of millennials, often referred to as Generation Y. Many millennials are labeled as socially introverted, struggling with everyday communication. This criticism comes from Generation X and Baby Boomers, who don’t understand why social interaction isn’t as simple as it was in the when they were young adults. David Fallarme, a digital marketer, published a piece on his blog The Marketing Student, where he brings insight to the complex social platforms millennials face. Using the piece A Look How Gen Y Communications, Fallarme masterfully works his constraints towards a common ground with the audience while tying Pathos and Logos into his primarily rhetorical appeal, ethos. These tools are used to defend Millennial'ls interaction with one another, by explaining that a large social platform has created a dangerous environment for social engagement, and garners sympathy for millennials from previous generations.…show more content…
Fallarme is publishing this piece to rewire the negative stereotypes held by older generations about millennials. Many Baby Boomers and Generation X don’t understand that with such a saturation of social outlets, why millennials aren’t able to communicate more successfully than they currently are. The invention of social media and rise of texting during the millennial generation has created bumps along the way. These outlets present newfound dangers while communicating, which then hinders the success of communication between millennials. Since these outlets have arisen in such an abrupt time, there needs to be adequate time for Generation Y to respond and adapt. Fallarme’s message is that millennials may not be introverted, but instead the pioneer generation to a more complex communication
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