Analysis Of Michael Ondaatje's In The Skin Of The Lion

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The shifts of Patrick’s worldview and its effect on his demeanors

Michael Ondaatje’s novel, In the Skin of the Lion, is the story centered on the life of Patrick Lewis. The tale depicts his adventure of romance, passion and discovery with the lives of the immigrants who built the city and those characters who has driven Patrick demeanors through the course of his life. During this course, Patrick interacts with the lives around him and forever alters his outlook towards others and himself. The way Patrick chooses to go through allows him to be exposed to diverse characters, which helps him to gain the elements of self-identity. From the novel, Patrick’s achieves his influence from his father, Hazen Lewis, and his intimate relationship
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Patrick was brought up in a motherless home. He was raised up with his father, who works as a logger and self-taught explosives expert. Patrick’s worldview first originate from his father, Hazen Lewis. Hazen shares little emotions to his son and provides negligible guidance to Patrick. This was presented when the novel specifies Hazen: “Hazen Lewis did not teach his son anything, no legend, no base of theory.” (18) Hazen is described as “introverted”, often withdrawn from the society and his son. Naturally young Patrick at the time would follow this example and withdrawn to his own isolated world. From this, due to Hazen’s lack of guidance and acknowledgment, Patrick was limited to explore and learn from the world outside of his home. Furthermore, Hazen’s inability to mentor Patrick causes him to be unsociable and sensitive from his community. “I’m going under now. You’ve got to get it fast” (12) as he attempts to enter the icy water to rescue a cow. This moment depicts of how much Hazen disregard Patrick well-being. Hazen hardly embraces Patrick with fondness emotion; however rather, Hazen would immerse Patrick to laborious…show more content…
It is through Alice, she “…save him, to veer him to some reality.” (88) She heals the void that was left by Clara while also being his salvation that Patrick eagerly needing for. Clara presence guides Patrick during his states of darkness, removing him from Clara Shadow. Therefore, Alice action to help Patrick causes him to strive up and overcome his past feeling for Clara. Additionally, From Patrick relationship with Alice, he learns Alice was an activist for the migrant. Alice vision for change in society brought Patrick to become involve, where he would share the same vision as Alice. “You name the enemy and destroy their power. Start with their luxuries...” (124); indeed it is exactly what Patrick does end up doing by targeting the Muskoka Hotel in the acts of passion for Alice. However, Alice vision does not resort to violence, but Patrick instead brought harm toward other living things rather than representing a political activist that fights for Justice and Truth. Hence, Patrick vision, borrow from Alice, displays Patrick drive in life through Alice’s political view that gives him a political outlook. Furthermore, after Alice death, Patrick take on the role of the father to Alice’s daughter Hana. Hana becomes Patrick greatest reason to carry on despite having lost the
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