Analysis Of Mercerism In 'Cat's Cradle'

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Cat’s Cradle Essay Religion is an idea or belief that varies among every culture and every person. In Cat’s Cradle it shares the idea of Bokononism while in Do androids Dream of Electric Sheep tells about Mercerism. Both of theses religions were created by a man themselves. Mercerism is a new religion based on the life and teachings of a man named Wilbur Mercer. It became known after Mercer’s death through the empathy boxes that were in the novel. For Bokononism though, it is a religion that has to do with people having groups of other people to who their fates are knotted, among other things. So basically saying that everyone tells lies and you ever know when they are saying is the truth. The establishment of Bokononism was from Bokonon and his partner Earl McCabe, in ruling the island, when all the duo 's efforts to raise the…show more content…
People that practice Mercerism use a device called an Empathy Box to empathize not only with the journey of Wilber Mercer, but with all other users of an Empathy Box, so that the joy or suffering of one contributes to the joy or suffering of all. The main character Buster describes Wilber Mercer as, “Mercer, he reflected, isn’t a human being; he evidently is an archetypal entity from the stars, superimposed on our own culture by a cosmic template.” (Dick 61). In the novel the empathy box is a big idea towards Mercerism. Almost everyone at this time owns an empathy box. “Don’t you own an empathy box?” (Dick 58). In the novel it is described as, “An empathy box is its extension of your body; it’s the way you touch other humans; it’s the way you stop being alone” (Dick 58). The connection between the empathy box and Mercerism is very strong. The empathy box can control people’s emotions and with Mercerism, it can cause them to have negative emotions. Overall, Mercerism is said to be a religion that can bring people together who are all suffering through pain and

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