Analysis Of Medea

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Life is a journey of challenges and experiences. The people and the experiences make up a total of life’s journey. The challenges a person has to endure may come as many obstacles arriving at one’s door. If one is truly ready for what life throws, one will know how to beat all odds. If one cannot handle the difficulty of life one will fall victim to acrimony, revenge, and sorrow, just as Medea. In the Greek tragedy, Medea, written by Euripides expounds on a betrayed wife to seek revenge upon her philandering husband. Medea was content in her life when she knew she had her King by her side. She was uncertain of what life would be like without him, so when her husband, Jason, decided to abandon their marriage it rattled her to the core. With her being hurt, embarrassed, and deserted, it led to a barbarous side of Medea that left readers thinking was the choices she made morally right? Did she…show more content…
Medea’s sentiments control her actions throughout this tragedy. If the reader has never experienced a heartbreak, one will now feel the exact same “hurt where affection runs deepest” as Medea. Jason’s deception sparked “fierce”, “anger,” and “rage” in Medea. Her passion for Jason soon transformed into hatred. Medea emotions were contradicting because Jason caused the “deepest wound.” The only way to hurt Jason like he hurt her was to kill the royal family and to kill their sons. This revenge was bitter tasting. It was bitter because her kids suffered at the hands of someone who was to care and love them. Imagined how much pain and heartache a mother had to suffer to kill her own born. She killed her sons for two reasons: one, she knew the only way to ensure that Jason’s legacy never continues is if she did the impeccable and for two so people will not wish death upon her sons. Medea pride and emotions caused her to commit those acts. She knew she had stopped a line of Jason’s from doing what he did to her to anyone
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