Analysis Of Measles: A Mandatory Cure

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Measles: A Mandatory Cure

Lately, there has been a great debate developing in society as to whether or not children should be vaccinated against diseases, and measles are at the forefront of this debate. This is not surprising considering that children’s well-being is the main premise on which this argument is being made. Anytime a child’s well-being in brought into question, an argument is sure to follow. We live in a nation that was built upon, in part, on a foundation with freedom of choice being one of its pillars. Some parents in America have been taking advantage of this “freedom of choice” that we, as Americans, enjoy on a daily basis. At what point does this freedom of choice get taken too far? Maybe that right can never be taken
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These anti-vaccine parents may be causing more harm than good. According to Healy and Paulson (2015), “measles anxiety rippled thousands of miles… [a disease] which America declared vanquished over 15 years ago, before a statistically significant number of parents started refusing to vaccinate their children.” Parents who decide not to vaccinate their children, are allowing a once cured disease to resurface and infect thousands. With the rise of measles cases in the United States, schools have begun banning unvaccinated children from attending until obtaining the shot, and some doctor’s offices have also debated whether or not to deny unvaccinated children services for fear of this deadly disease spreading. (Healy and Paulson, 2015), If left unchecked, measles will be running rampant throughout America once again.
Measles is a very deadly, but preventable disease. As proof of its preventability, Martino (2010) stated that, “Since the discovery of the first vaccine for small pox in 1796, the list of preventable diseases has swelled to 26”. Measles are included on Martino’s list of preventable diseases, and it stands to reason that if there are proven methods to stop illnesses or diseases, they should be taken. So why is it that parents are slowly moving away from getting their children vaccinated, and taking risks with a potentially
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Citizens, and parents, should have the right to raise their children as they see fit. However, the mass needs of society will always outweigh the needs of a few; especially when the masses are being put in harm’s way. This is a very serious matter that can easily be avoided by one simple vaccination. Measles vaccinations should be mandatory for all, regardless of age. Anti-vaccine parents should conduct their research properly before endangering others with their actions. There are countless studies that show the benefits of the measles vaccination, and the main benefit is that it almost always stops and prevents the spread of the
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