Analysis Of Mcdonald's Fast Food

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For decades, the fast food industry has become victim to rumors and false claims. McDonald’s is no stranger to misinformation regarding the ingredients of their food. These problems are especially relevant to today’s society, as many people distrust large corporations. For example, many believed a rumor that spread that McDonald’s has been able to use cow eyeballs and still legally claim it as 100% beef. However, according to the article “McDonald’s Urban Legends” from, the USDA mandates that all by-products in any beef must be labeled on the product. In the article “Is McDonald’s Really the Largest Purchaser of Cow Eyeballs?” from, there is a high demand for cow eyeballs for classrooms and scientific studies.…show more content…
Their eventual solution was to hire ex-mythbuster, Grant Imahara, to go inside of their meat processing headquarters and see how their burgers are made. Imahara was skeptical, like most Americans, about the truth of the popular chain’s recipes. According to the article “McDonald’s shuts down pink slime question… again” from, however, Imahara debunked several rumors by experiencing it first hand in the company’s short film “Our Food. Your Questions.” He addressed several of the filler rumors, including cow eyes, cow lips, and other dangerous additives that have haunted the chain’s sales. One of the first issues Imahara challenged was whether or not the beef was actually beef. Jimmy Rendon, a Cargill Operations Supervisor, stated “It’s 100 percent beef trimmings.” McDonald’s has also made recent efforts to reach out to customers with questions or concerns online, often answering any questions about the quality of their food on their Facebook and Twitter…show more content…
No eyeballs, no earthworms. Despite this, many people continue to spread and believe horror stories they hear regarding McDonald’s burger recipe. Regardless of the fact that there is no evidence to support these claims, the distrust for the large franchise is so great that people continue to believe these false rumors. Once someone has their mind set on a certain belief, these false ideas and rumors can spread like wildfire, even without a factual basis. People are often so distrusting that they have the idea that everyone is out to get them. Even when the rumors are proven wrong, they still proceed to spread. These rumors don’t come without consequence. According to the article “McSquirmies,” as a result of the infamous earthworm rumor, at one point McDonald’s sales dropped by about 30%, and several McDonald’s in Atlanta had to lay off almost one third of their
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