Analysis Of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

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We all know that Frankenstein was not the monster, but the creator of the monster. It is a thrilling story that is told by sort letters and written by Mary Shelly. There are many different types of movies and books that tell the story Frankenstein, there are many ways a person can relate to the story Frankenstein because it shows how people only think about themselves when they get into trouble, and how people try and do great things and it always ends up killing them in the end. If life was all about following the law it would not be life, but hell, all laws have and will be broken because well people are not perfect and people want to accomplish the unknown. The structure of any type of writing can be put into a book to be read by millions…show more content…
Frankenstein builds a monster defying the laws of nature to its ultimate form. He records his ideas, thoughts and experiments to paper for all to read. For instance, the ideas of creating the monster from the beginning is a huge impact on science. People are reading this possibly thinking that this doctor is ultimately crazy. “Victor implores Walton not to follow his example, warning, "Learn from me . . . how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge, and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow." The impact of the science Victor did was noted within his journal and discussion with his friend. Finding the structure directly relates to Frankenstein’s impact on science and society.
Another aspect that requires thought on the structure is Victor’s idea of playing god. He records his thoughts and other ideas within the pages of his journal when creating and experimenting on the monster. He stole to get parts for his great experiment. He was a grave robber just to play god. Finding that this is a significant aspect in the structure the identity of the “playing god” idea is important. Also, Victor is happy that he created this man. He states this in the beginning in his journal. Eventually, Dr. Frankenstein’s realization that he is not God has put him in fear of the
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A perfect example of a Prometheus is Dr. Frankenstein because he pretty much says up your Gods I’m going to create this monster weather you like it or not and he does, but like all great things they must come to an end. The monster is truly a beast, and the beast that kids use knows day were it is someone who is a bad ass, no not that. The monster was a mistake from the get go and he goes around killing at will and does all these horrible things to innocent people. There is a reason for all this because well it is the simple fact that people are not supposed to try and play God because it will always end up like Dr.
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