Analysis Of Mary Oliver 's Poem ' Wild Geese '

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Upon introduction to Mary Oliver’s poem, titled “Wild Geese”, there appeared to be a skin of geese flying freely in the sky. Furthermore, the poetry is informing people not to spend their lifetime repenting the past and asking for forgiveness. Also, the poet encourages the readers to be strong, it is not the end of the world even they are in the deepest depth of their despair. However, it is the reality that they must face, due to the life is not always perfect. After analysis the poem, Oliver compare the nature’s condition and to the human condition by using elements of poetry, such as the tone, symbolisms, and theme to express the images of freedom and the importance of every human being in the world to follow their heart. The opening line of the poem sets its tone of encouragement. When Oliver states: “You do not have to be good” (1), it appears the poetry is addressing to the people who feel diffident after they realize they are not perfect. However, the poet reflects the social phenomena that only the good people can deserve a reward, while the imperfect people should admit their faults, and ask for forgiveness. Furthermore, she wants to advise the reader that it is unnecessary to prove anything to anyone, instead of placing meaning on what people think about them, what not pay more attention to how they feel about themselves and do what they like to do. As the result of tone, Oliver inspires the reader to remain an optimistic mentality to get through life’s pain, and sorrow, twists, and turns. Throughout the poem, Oliver uses the sun, rain, and landscapes to symbolize the peaceful natural world, where people can not anticipate things that are meant to happen. In contrast, the world that they live in is full of stresses and ... ... middle of paper ... roots, they will start to appreciate things they may have ignored in the past and to see the beautiful world that they use complained. Whether life is easy or not, doing what they like to do is more important than money and fame. “Wild Geese” contains tone, symbolisms, and theme to deliver Oliver’s massage about the meaning of life. Setting the poem with a tone of encouragement will more likely make others accept it and inspire them. However, it also included several symbolisms that help create deeper meanings as well as emotion throughout the poem. Oliver also emphasizes the theme the importance of finding oneself in the world. All of these elements show that “Wild Geese” is a great inspirational poem that people should read and learn lesson form it. After going thought self-realization, readers will have a clear sense of their desired direction and destination.

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