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Nik Babic
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28 April, 2014
“Corn Pone Opinion” Questions on Rhetoric and Style
1. Mark Twain writes this essay in order to shed light onto his belief that people’s thoughts and actions are influenced by those around them. His belief that people conform to the rest of society fuels his essay. This can be seen when Twain includes his idea that “It is our nature to conform; it is a force which not many can successfully resist” (718). Twain shows that people are beginning to conform without using their own minds to process their decision.
2. In the first couple paragraphs of “Corn Pone Opinion” Twain uses the pronoun “I”. He then switches to the pronoun “we” in order to instill his main argument that people conform to what’s popular. In essence he is addressing everyone as part of a unified group all brought together by one simple idea that everyone has chosen to conform to. His use of the pronoun “we” in regards to his argument can best be seen when he states “we shall merely conform, and let it go at that” (719). By using “we” twain creates an emphasis of unity in his essay.
3. The anecdote that Mark Twain inserts to the beginning of his essay adds a personal example that helps develop his argument. The anecdote absolutely does not detract from the essay. In fact, it adds to his essay because it furthers his argument. In the South, slavery was strongly supported. Due to this Jerry was unable to preach. But why did everyone support slavery? The answer is simple and is answered throughout Twain’s essay. One person supports slavery, then the “neighbor notices this and follows”, before long the whole neighborhood supports slavery. The addition of the anecdote adds an example of conformity to Twain’s essay whic...

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... been broken up the paragraphs would be very choppy. Twain included subordinate clauses in the middle of the paragraph to help connect the idea of conformity with the “bread-and-butter interest discussed towards the beginning of the essay.
8. The parallelism that is introduced in the two long sentences that make up paragraph 14 emphasize Twain’s belief in people. He shows that people believe that they are putting time and effort into thinking about politics and deciding what party they belong to when in all actuality they are influenced by those around them. This can be seen when twain states “they read its literature, but not that of the other side” (720). This shows that many people are actually clueless of the whole picture. They only receive information about a single part and make their decision based off of that, without taking the time out to view both sides.

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