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Mark Drolsbaugh’s Deaf Again is a biography about his life between two dimensions of the Deaf world and the Hearing world as well as the implications he faced throughout his journeys’. Mark Drolsbaugh was born from two deaf parents and was basically forced to adapt to the hearing world even though his parents are deaf. When Drolsbaugh was born he was hearing, however, by first grade his parents and teachers discovered he was losing his hearing. As time went on Mark realized the issues he faced from trying to adapt to the hearing world. Mark Drolsbaugh quotes in his biography, “Deafness is bad. I am deaf. I need to be fixed. I must be like them, no matter what, because deaf is bad.” However, no matter what his family believed that he…show more content…
Education was very important throughout the story because Drolsbaugh focuses a lot on his education as well as the interventions that can be performed so that all deaf children can have a more successfully future. Drolsbaugh as a child originally attended Henry H. Houston School, which was where he discovered he was losing his hearing. Eventually he attended Plymouth Meeting Friends School (PMFS) where he would become anxious and nervous to attend because he was deaf. However, he eventually discovered that the schools small classrooms as well as the students were quite friendly and helped him to adapt. At one point in the story he was playing football where his hearing aid was knocked out as well as the battery and the students even offered to help him find it (which they did). In high school, Drolsbaugh attended Germantown Friends School (GFS) where he would have to really struggle against being deaf and trying to become well educated. Drolsbaugh wanted to attend Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PSD) where his mother was a part-time dorm counselor. He felt that he was more at “home” in the environment since the students were deaf. Yet again however, his family believed they should challenged him to attend GFS since the school was considered the Harvard of high schools and he already obtained a good amount of knowledge which would allow him to be ahead of most students if he attended PSD. Drolsbaugh was successful in GFS and was the first deaf graduate of the school. Then eventually Drolsbaugh attended Gallaudet, which is a deaf college where he graduated from and even obtained his master’s. Equality was also a very important event when he was a child. Drolsbaugh didn’t know at first what racism even was until he meet his black friend Sekou. The issue came about when Drolsbaugh wanted to play in a baseball league with Sekou until his mother

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