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Marie Antoinette 's life was, for the most part, consistent in lavish spending, and luxurious existence, excluding the last sections of her life, which consisted with metaphorically running from angry mobs, and the general French Revolution. Having her life, eventually, was cut short, by the hands of the angry French people, armed with a guillotine. This basic outline of her life is agreed upon by most all sources, and artistic representations across the media. With a story like this, without the modern coverage it could get in this day and age, leaves it pretty open ended. This cause some sources to clash together. Not in the facts, but rather how certain events actually played out, and how some of the people acted, and felt about the situation…show more content…
In the case of the story of Marie Antoinette, it probably isn 't the best reliable source because of the hollywoodization that happens to all movies, but dose hammer down how ridiculous the extravagance was. The visual representations really express how unnecessarily ostentatious it all was. A camera pan into a now room was nauseating.The amount of detail in the wallpaper, with the furniture with more of the detailing was just too much. All of the gowns and the scenes of Marie, lounging with friends, wearing millions of dollars of clothes and jewelry, eating sweets, in a overly detailed room, really expressed how lavish her lifestyle really was. Another representation the movie brings, is how many of the nonsensical “rituals” they had in the castle, having a small paragraph to explain the rules to be followed, simply to get the queen a glass of…show more content…
But in the time of Marie Antoinette, this was rather sensical. To serve the queen was a very high honor, and the task would only fall unto the individual with the highest ranking.The movie does a highly accurate representation of this, after the queen waking up, is to be put into a different gown to wear after sleeping. Her nightgown is taken off, and about to put a different one on, a new woman, of higher rank, enters the room. The woman currently about to put Marie into her new gown, of lower rank, steps back from Marie, to greet the new woman, and hand the gown to the higher rank woman to dress Marie. This change happens several times, as women of higher and higher rank continue to enter. Leaving Marie shivering, naked, as the new gown is passed around the room to different women. Finally the Marie gets the gown, after many different swaps, leaving her to say “ This is ridiculous”. That scene showed that the rituals were very important to the current system, even if the queen herself thought them to be unreasonable and unnecessary.
The film “Marie Antoinette” is a very useful source when looking into her life. It shows the extravagance of her life very extremely, in order to get the point across that is really was so very extravagant. However it leaves much of the political matters out, only giving glimpses into small meetings with the king and his advisers.

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