Analysis Of Margaret Mead's Quote To Success

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Analysis of Margaret Mead 's Quote to Success We are taught to celebrate for those that have achieved their goals; whether it be sports, academics, or everyday life. We tend to over exaggerate and celebrate many things with people that are close to us, but not with strangers that we do not converse with. Many state that it is a common thing to celebrate for the people you know and frown upon the accomplishments of the people that you do not converse with. For example, in a high school setting you have pep rally 's to celebrate your team 's win, but when you teams loses schools do not think twice about celebrating for the other teams win. Instead, people go on their lives acting like the other team did not accomplish anything because it was simply a threat they won against the hometown team. Margaret Mead expresses her feelings towards these acts and the way she expresses her feelings I…show more content…
From the beginning of my life I was taught that I had to celebrate when people do things correctly. It all started in kindergarten when someone answered a question right it was a reason for cheers. Moving into middle school and high school you learn that you celebrate for your sports teams and you celebrate in order to show how well academically someone is doing. This idea will continue till the end of my senior year when we all go to graduate. People also see side effects of this when you do something well and end up in the paper. My grandparents when I achieve the honor roll or end up in the paper they cut it out and post it on the fridge to celebrate for months! I also notice this during sports events you tend to celebrate for your team when they win and to cheer for other teams as well. In track we always celebrate for our team because the main goal of attending the event is to do well. Realizing that we go day to day celebrating people 's achievements shows how correct Margaret Mead was within her
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