Analysis Of Managing Sickle Cell Pain With Music Therapy

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Cowan, in her article, Managing Sickle Cell Pain with Music Therapy writes to inform and educate readers on sickle cell disease and various techniques to manage the stresses and pain that come along with it. According to the author, sickle cell disease is a hereditary and recessive gene that is prevalent among the African-American population. Because it is recessive, a child can have the disease, only if both parents carry the sickle cell gene. Red blood cells in sickle cell patients are mutated into an “S” shape differing from normal red blood cells which are round and concave in shape and oxygenated. Sickle cell disease causes the cells to become hard, inflexible, and weak which causes them to break easily and release oxygenated protein content…show more content…
According to the Cowan, even though sickle cell pain is managed with medication, it causes patients of all ages to be away from places such as their homes and school. She mentioned several nonpharmacological therapeutic methods such as breathing techniques, repetitive movement, and music that would help the patients manage the pain and stressors that came with the disease.
As stated by Cowan, breathing exercises are a method of relaxation that can be incorporated into the music therapy intervention. An example of this is deep breathing, which can assist sickle cell patients in controlling and managing the stress and anxiety that come with the pain of the disease. Along with this, deep breathing can help improve circulation and lessen pain which will lead to
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Music therapy for pain management at home can help the patient prevent being hospitalized again. It also allows the patient to spend less time away from home and school, gives the patient less opportunity to develop a dependency on narcotics, and allows the patient to have a form of control over what they experience due to their disease. It is important that children are taught how to manage their disease and the pain that comes with it while they are at a young age so that they can have positive outcomes. The article shows the importance of musical therapy as a health resource in the management of patient’s health.
My understanding is that music therapy can help improve upon medical treatments. Music helps patients to relax which allows them to respond to their treatment properly. The techniques of music therapy can help patients reduce stressors and anxiety and allows them to have a meaningful
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