Analysis Of Madonna And Child Enthroned

In Giotto’s Madonna and Child Enthroned I see an older renaissance painting of a woman and her child. The child is sitting on the lap of his mother who is sitting on a large burgundy throne in the middle of the painting. The woman is dressed in a navy cloak while her child is clothed in a pink robe. Above the child’s head there is a yellow circle. This circle is a renaissance symbol for religious leadership or importance. Surrounding this throne are a gathering of angels. There are exactly seven angels on each side worshiping this mother and child. The background consists of a yellow brick pattern.

In this painting there is a strong presence of the color element. There is a strong contrast in lighting between the mother and child and the angels worshiping on the outside. The mother and child are painted in a vibrant pinkish rose hue while the surrounding angels are a slightly darker mix of green shades. The painting also offers a good variation of saturation when it comes to the fading yellow brick background. The pallets used
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This painting is a great example of asymmetrical balance. The angels are placed nearly exactly identical on each side of the throne. The angels themselves are sort of mirroring one another. Besides the navy cloak worn by the woman this painting does a great job at equally distributing the visual weight. The yellow hue is found to be consistent throughout. Giotto did a good job at blending and balancing the colors from yellow all the way to green. There is also a great deal of emphasis found throughout Giotto’s painting. The woman holding her child is definitely the main focal point of the painting because it is found directly in the center on a throne worshiped by angels. There is also a great deal of emphasis found on each character of the painting by the light yellow halo found above their heads. This does a good job at emphasizing everyone’s importance in the
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