Analysis Of Love By Tim Shroeder

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i believe that Tim Schroeder 's short story, "Love", is a good argumentative essay. the conclusion to this essay is “for someone (A) to love another (B) is for the person (A) to very much want what is best for the other (B), and want if for their (B) own sake”. he starts his essay by trying to figure out what is true and untrue about love and states a few theories, "the three inconsistent things". one of them being "you don 't have emotions while you are in dreamless sleep". he backs this up by saying "no one would point to a person in a coma and say, 'Gee, he 's really emotional! '" which he is right about, because that would be a pretty silly thing to say. another theory he states is "you don 't stop loving someone when you fall into dreamless sleep". he backs this idea up by saying "it would…show more content…
in terms of the boyfriend and girlfriends example, they will have to compromise certain things in their life for what 's best for the other person, they are not just by themselves anymore. sometimes, the thing being loved will not be a human. Schroeder says “the two things that love (A and B) don 't have to be people", and if he’s stating that love is a special closeness then this can make sense. Evidence he writes for this idea is “chimpanzees, dogs, and other animals can love”. You can spend a spend of time with your pet dog and have a special love for them. Your dog is capable of loving you back, dogs show love by licking your face or wagging their tails and jumping up and down when you come home because they’re excited to see you. Personally i know this because my dog does this to me, he also barks at my brother when my brother tries to wrestle me. That’s his way of protecting me, because he doesn’t want me to get hurt and wants what’s best for me; to be safe and okay. For another example we can use lions, who are very protective over their cubs. They love them and want to

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