Analysis Of Love And Friendship By Emily Bronte

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The poem "Love And Friendship" written by Emily Bronte In the year 1839, focuses on how love and friendship are both important to humans in every part of their life,most importantly when it comes to their emotions. Bronte uses imagery, simile, metaphor, and symbolism in her poem "Love and Friendship" to show I believe from reading this poem is her message, which is love may come and go, but friendship will always be here to make an individual 's life worth living.

Bronte uses Imagery in her poem to show that friendship is more loyal and alluring than love is. The way she shows this is by stating that "Friendship like the Holly tree- The Holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms, but which will bloom most constantly"(Bronte, 591), she is implying that friendships will always end up growing, aside from what is happening around them. Another way she uses Imagery to support her reasoning is by saying in the second stanza of the poem, that when the time for
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She uses a Holly tree to symbolize friendship due to a Holly tree is the color green and that green is recognized as being the symbol for life. These symbols reveal that Bronte believes that love is beautiful, and that she also sees the downsides that comes with it or the thorns that are attached to the rose 's stem and thinks that friendships last a lifetime unlike love, which slowly diminishes as time goes by.

To conclude, Emily Bronte uses Imagery, Metaphor, and Symbolism In her poem " Love and Friendship", to show that friendship will always be here regardless of whether love is present or not, for the fact that friendships will always be created even in areas where love does not exist, letting her readers know that love should not be the only thing they live for, they should instead focus their attention on creating long lasting
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