Analysis Of Losing Humanity In The Name Of Technology

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Imagine a technologically advanced life a decade from now. I see everything that we have always dreamed of; with the flying cars, internet glasses, gadgets that we couldn’t fathom 60 years ago. 60 years ago humans where still amazed by the simplistic things in life. In the article “Losing Humanity in the Name of Technology” Stan Ownbey describes how he never saw a piece of technology until his brother came home with a portable phonograph when he was about 8. He was simply amazed by it. As humans we have many different emotions coursing through our very being every day. From happiness, to anger, disgust, sadness, scared, and even some of us depression. Human’s emotions are heightened when we use forms of technology. Every day we waste so much time being one these devices we are starting to lose ourselves to them. We need to limit our connection time with all forms of technology, and enhance the small connections that we have left with humans. When we think of technology there are endless possibilities out there for our own finger tips to touch, from our smart phones, computers, to more complex devices in the workplace. The more we learn the smaller but greater the devices come. Think for a second…show more content…
We use to learn how to do all this stuff in school, how to proofread, balance a checkbook. Now all we have to do is whip out our smartphones or computer and it does it all for us. Millions of websites waiting for our beckoning. Waiting for us to use them over and over again. We spend so much time on websites researching, playing falling deep into the depth of the internet world. We use the technology for some good thing but all technology has its downfalls. The internet has increased cyberbullying causing emotional scars on young adults all over the world, illegal online sales of illegal drugs and sorts. We need to limit how and how much we use our very own

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