Analysis Of Lexa Hillyer

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Out of all of the poets in the packet, Lexa Hillyer is the one who stood out the most. Her poems seem simple yet, they all seemed to connect in similar ways. For instance, most of her poems presented were associated with different months. She seemed to think out of the box, yet connect her poems in different ways. Despite these differences, she utilizes simple form, creative images and variety of tone.
The formation of the poems by Lexa Hillyer look very similar to each poem presented. For instance, NOVEMBER, THE CURSED, most stanzas are a couplet. However, the first and fourth stanza is an exception with only one line.On the surface, the format of a poem draws the reader in and creates the appearance of unity.But it also helps with the
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By having both in the same poem, it creates a unique medium pace and puts a lot of emphasis on the each line of the poem. Additionally, the white space also indicates that the author wants the reader to reflect, and allow for the lines to have a deep in a pact. The reader needs the white space to think about what one stanza says before their eyes move to another stanza. White spaces also slow down the tempo of the poem. So, despite the stanzas being couplets, which are read faster, there is still reflection. In addition, FEBRUARY, THE SAINT, JANUARY, THE JAILOR, MYSTERIOUS ORIGIN, and DECEMBER, THE UNFINISHED, all share very similar appearances to NOVEMBER, THE CURSED which causes the same effect in each poem.Alternatively, there is one poem that is very different from this. The poem, OUR LAST NIGHT ON THE ROOF, has shorter lines in comparison to November and the stanzas are quatrain, tercet, and a single couplet stanza. By having a variety of lines in a stanza, the author is able to put emphasis on…show more content…
Burroway even suggests that ‘This (words that evoke senses) is the foundation of imaginative writing”(17). In Hillyer's poem, “ December, The Unfinished” she includes imagery that appeals to different aspects of December, such as “seasons jingles” which refers to the Christmas holiday. She also touches on images of snow surrounding her and icicles being compared to the eye. Through images, she creates a scenery of a jazz bar. With the help of onomatopoeia, “...the waa waa and the ooo waa,” creates an atmosphere, but also manages to create trumpets without saying she heard trumpets. She touches into sound often in this poem, she mentions seasons jingles, but also “ringtones”, “Off key” and again the “waa waa and the ooo waa” to connect with the reader's sense of sound. In the poem, FEBRUARY, THE SAINT, The Saint, Hillyer uses different types of images to attract her readers. Such as bird imagery. At the start of the poem she uses, “long lost dove season” to refer to Valentine's day, however, later on in the poem she uses “rustlings pigeons wings”. She goes from doves, that is a symbol of love and loyalty to a bird often referred to as “rats with wings”. She also uses feather images, to relate back to the birds she uses. Additionally, she includes a bit on onomatopoeia to again unify the idea of birds. In her poems, especially in these two, I noticed that she
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