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In the essay “Letting Go” by David Sedaris, he writes about his experiences with smoking. Throughout the essay Sedaris expresses his views and experiences with smoking. Sedaris grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s when smoking was a common thing to do, so much so that grade school students in his native North Carolina, would have field trips to tobacco factories where they were given packs of cigarettes to give to their parents. Sedaris describes views about smoking that changed throughout his life-time. At one stage in his life he was against smoking, and was even bothered by the smell of cigarettes. Then Sedaris himself, in a different stage of his life became a smoker. Smoking caused Sedaris’s mother to gain some health problems due to her smoking…show more content…
Sedaris has changed from a non- smoker to a frequent smoker. In one incident, Sedaris uses a cigarette to seem tough when he was faced with an individual who he described to be prison like. Sedaris reacts to this incident with, “I might have simply covered, but now I put a cigarette in my mouth [...] This man was going to rob me [...] but no “give me one of those [cigarettes] he said” (2) .Sedaris used this experience to show a sense that in society one looks tough while smoking, and that they won 't get bothered when they have a cigarette in their mouth. This also shows there is some kind of bond between smokers. Not necessarily a good bond or a positive bond that is needed in society. This is a bond between a man that looks like a criminal and a man who puts a cigarette in his mouth to feel tough about himself. Even though Sedaris may not admit that he is an addict smoker, this is shown when he states, “When New York banned smoking in the workplace. I quit working When banned in restaurants I stop eating out”(3).Sedaris here is not just a smoker, but a smoker who is controlled by smoking he puts smoking over his job and even eating. This definitely shows a negative effect that smoking has had over Sedaris as it has taken over…show more content…
Using anecdotes from his life were very effective because he shows the stages he went through: the side of the non-smoker who is against smoking, to a smoker, to any individual trying to quit, and adds family examples along the way. This worked very well because the readers get to see how Sedaris has evolved throughout his life. Anecdotes were also effective because of how he addresses his audience. He reaches out to all types of audience, whether you are a non- smoker, or a smoker, or even a former smoker. Knowing that he was once faced with these stages makes Sedaris approachable because he has experienced it all .He has even lost family members along the way due to cigarettes. Sedaris does not say word for word that smoking is negative, but based on his essay we can tell he believes this even through him, himself was a smoker. Using anecdotes Sedaris expresses his understanding of the topic, since he knows what he is talking about because he has experienced himself. This approach of showing the negatives of smoking through anecdotes works better than having a doctor explain all the medical reason why not to smoke because the information is being given from a relatable source. Sedaris uses his own experience to allow induvials’ to take the message however they please. This essay is not written in a pressure some way. If a smoker were to read this essay they could

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