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After the threatening murder of John F Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Kennedy’s vice-president, was inaugurated to the presidential office. The speech “Let Us Continue” was his inaugural address to the congressmen, and to the entire world. This was an excruciating time for the citizens of United States of America. Everyone were panicked, and scared after the shocking murder of John F Kennedy. People were waiting for a person who can hold them in this situation, and a person who could give them some hope. John F Kennedy was one of the strongest president, America has ever seen, and he had many important missions on run including civil rights movement. America was divided, and the people hated people who were of different color and race. African…show more content…
The main goal of this speech was to show the people that their faith and hope on country will not be lost, and he was also trying to give hope to the people. LBJ was a strong politician and he was the former vice-president of United States of America. He was involved in every activities where JFK was involved. He knew what JFK dreamed about the nation, and what his action plans were. In addition to his service as a vice-president, he also served as a senate majority leader for six years, senate minority leader for two years, and as senate majority whip for two years. These qualifications clearly shows that LBJ was very famous among public, and people trusted his leadership. Like JFK, he was also trying to unite nation without any discrimination against African Americans. He conducted public speeches against discrimination, and supported African Americans to improve their daily life. He also served in American Navy during the World War II, and he also served as President Roosevelt’s trusted aid for reporting situations in the Southwest pacific. The navy record prove his abilities as a commander in chief of the American Military. So, he knew how bad the wars were, and as in the message of his speech, he will keep peace in the country. People loved this idea of peace, because they were fed up with world wars. LBJ was a fully able leader for United States at this situation, and…show more content…
Johnson wants his people to feel some emotional feeling towards the nation. One of the sentimental appeal he used was the terrifying death of the late president John F Kennedy. He was targeting the assassinator plus all the foreign powers behind the assassination of JFK. Here he wants the audience to feel anger, rage, and finally sadness to show his love and affection to the president JFK. He was joining with the public to silently mourn on his pathetic death. We also see that, he was seeking support and help from public as well as from the congressmen. So obviously here his target was JFK. The emotions he wants the audience to feel are weakness, confidence, love and sympathy for late president JFK and his works. He literally needs support from people to continue his journey as the president of United States of America. So, he want his people to know that he was seeking their help. Without them he was weak. He also wanted the audience to feel hopeful about the future America. Same with the people about him. He know that restoring the lost confidence, and providing them with hope can only motivate people to move forward, and can act like a strong nation. That would change the face of America, and it will lead the nation to a much stronger

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