Analysis Of Less Humanity

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In the first chapter, "Less Humanity", the author talks about how people are mistaken about their supremacy. The chapter sends us back to Foer 's book "Eating Animals". We often use words "humane", "humanistic", etc. to refer to something moral and right, while the word "inhuman" would mean the immoral or brutal behavior, something "animal-worthy." One of the most important steps towards the New Enlightenment would reject this model and admit all the flaws of our civilization. People would have to stop thinking about themselves as the God 's favorite creatures, who are superior to animals and have the right to exploit the planet, given to them by God.

People have been relying on religion for too long, which causes several problems in the
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Making women more educated in the reproductive field will give them the right to choose how many children they want to have and will reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies. Furthermore, it can allow to reduce the average number of children in the family in the developing countries and make the population smaller and help to avoid the destiny of the Easter Island, where the civilization destroyed itself.

In chapters 3 and 4, Less Immortality and Less Divinity, the author talks about the belief in the afterlife ad sends us back to Reg Morrison 's book "The Spirit in the Gene", which denies God and soul in humans. A vast majority of people believe in the afterlife, as they perceive themselves as a favorite creature of God. At the same time, we never contemplate if animals have a soul, and if we can 't prove or disprove it, maybe it 's completely wrong to kill them.

The belief in the life after death partly originated from religion. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all grant a person, who don 't sin, a perfect life in heaven and torture and sufferings for those who do. However, it could also originate from people 's unwillingness to acknowledge that life is going to come to an end. As Dylan Thomas wrote:

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning
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