Analysis Of Legalizing Euthanasia

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The key objective of this research article is to provide an analysis into the notion of legalizing or prohibiting euthanasia. Logically interpreted as the “good death” or “an easy death,” euthanasia is well-defined as a method of ending the misery and discomfort of an individual due to an unending illness. Statistics would show that countless people think of euthanasia as murder, yet many others feel it is not an act of killing but an act of love and compassion. The two main forms of euthanasia that are commonly known are Active euthanasia which is aiding death with medicine, and Passive euthanasia which is denying medicine and treatment that are needed in order to stay alive. Many feel that euthanasia is moral, and the three key components…show more content…
Few people like to think about death. However, similar to the colors black and white, human life cannot transpire without death. Is euthanasia a form of suicide? Is it regarded as manslaughter? Or should euthanasia be categorized as a crime? Despite everything legalizing euthanasia, “mercy killing” may possibly develop to a point where people at a certain stage of illness would be expected to freely be killed. Even by classifying euthanasia as “death with dignity,” society is accepting the message that suicide is a reasonable response to life’s problems. So is euthanasia a corrupt choice? Religiously evidence would point out that many Christians are against euthanasia. “God gives and God takes away” (King James Version, Job 1:21). Christians feel that patients or doctors should not have authority over life. Doctors are human and subject to enticement. Legalizing euthanasia would give doctors boundless control which can be too easily abused. Their own decision-making could certainly be affected, deliberately or unintentionally, by the way they feel about the patient. Similarly advocates against euthanasia feel that a patient would decide upon euthanasia on the basis of information specified to them by doctors. Therefore a regulation is crucial in order to restrain doctors from the temptation to “hurry up death” for the critically ill patients. What 's more the natural instinct is to feel that
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