Analysis Of Leave Me Alone (True Story: Harjot Khaira

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Leave Me Alone (True Story) Harjot Khaira At seventeen years of age, not much was missing from the imagination of the young boy. Connor Brooks and his younger sister Claire lived with their parents in the eerie neighborhood of Hillhood . With only a couple of blocks present in the lonely area, everyone was familiar with one another. Connor played for his local ice hockey team, the Hillhood Knights and Claire was a figure skater. The Brooks family was as normal as them come yet the innocent boy had not a clue as to what was coming his way in the nearby future. October 3, 2015. Connor was taking a stroll through his neighborhood, calming his nerves before their playoff game…show more content…
Connor was home alone as his parents had taken Claire to practice, forty-five minutes away. Being the dedicated athlete he was he was practicing his one-timer, and he made sure to leave his garage door lock and main door lock open so he could get back in. The rigid autumn wind pierced through his skin. Regretting his decision to come outside as he could easily turn into an icicle, he jolted back inside. He threw his stick back into the corner and turned the frozen door knob, locked. He went out of the garage and opened his main door, did not budge. Perplexed and terrified as he vividly remembered he had left both the locks open, he sprinted to his neighbor's house, old Mrs. Newlan. Not wanting to scare the old lady even more as she had seen her husband pass away in front of her a couple of weeks ago, he decided not to tell her why he was actually there and just tell her that he was visiting. A cup of green tea and a couple of childhood stories later, Connor got a call from his mom to come back home. He thought of an explanation as to why the doors could have been locked, did he accidentally lock them? His mind drew blank and his heart beat…show more content…
It has been a week since the abnormal lock incident and Connor had pushed the incident to the back of his mind. He’s been focusing on his upcoming tournament, in which games are played at dusk. His first game was a success as his team dangled their way to a 4-3 overtime win. It was now 3 a.m. with a 9 a.m. practice lurking hours ahead. Being the neat freak Connor is, he tidied each crook and cranny of his house heading off to sleep. After tossing and turning for hours, his eyes were coming to a rest as he heard a booming crash come from outside. He grabbed his flashlight and hockey stick in the corner of his room and opened the door with his foot. His stance ready to brawl any creature awaiting his arrival. He crept his way to where he suspected the noise to come from. To his surprise, nothing awaited him, only a knocked over toy box with mini hockey sticks scattered all over the living room. Yet again he was petrified for his and his family's well-being, so he called his dad downstairs and made him wander around the house, looking for what have caused the ruckus. No answer was yet again found, making the lonely night in bed seem longer than
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